After discovering Irsay unconscious in his house, authorities used Narcan to help bring him back to consciousness, according to a police incident report from Carmel, Indiana.

News Updates : Jim Irsay, the owner of the Indianapolis Colts, was found breathing strangely and having bluish skin at his home last month. Authorities reported that he needed Narcan to help him breathe again.

According to a Carmel police incident report made public on Wednesday, Irsay was not conscious when authorities arrived at his mansion in Carmel, Indiana, on December 8, at roughly 4:30 a.m.

According to the incident report, Irsay, 64, had collapsed in his restroom and was unconscious when staff members took him to his bed. When police arrived, they discovered him gasping for air.

“Irsay had a faint pulse, was cold to the touch, and was breathing abnormally (agonal breathing) while unconscious. He was unresponsive when officers tried to rouse him with a sternum rub, according to the incident report. “Mr. Irsay’s skin had a bluish tint, and his pupils were pinpoint constricted.”

The opiate overdose antidote Narcan was given by an officer, to “which he responded slightly,” according to the report.

An automatic external defibrillator, or AED, could be attached by officers. Upon their arrival, paramedics “took over lifesaving efforts,” as stated in the incident report.

The report stated, “At this point, it is unknown what Mr. Irsay had consumed before our arrival.”

The Colts said this month that Irsay was receiving treatment for a “severe respiratory illness,” although it’s unclear if that’s connected to the incident from last month.

In response to a query for information, the Colts sent a statement on Wednesday that stated: “Mr. Irsay is still getting better from his respiratory condition. Regarding his personal health, we won’t be commenting further, and we will still be requesting that Jim and his family’s privacy be respected.

Irsay candidly discussed his battles with addiction in November on an HBO program called “Real Sports with Bryant Gumbel,” according to The Indianapolis Star. He disclosed to journalist Andrea Kremer that he had been in and out of rehab fifteen times, having battled drinking and developed a painkiller addiction following nearly two dozen surgeries connected to his powerlifting career.


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