News From UK Politics : On Friday, British Prime Minister Keir Starmer received congratulations from Prime Minister Narendra Modi for his historic victory with the Labour Party in the 2017 elections. Additionally, he commended the leadership of outgoing Prime Minister Rishi Sunak.
With 412 seats in the 650-seat House of Commons and a decisive majority won in Thursday’s legislative polls, Starmer’s Labour Party put an end to 14 years of Conservative dominance.
In order to strengthen bilateral and strategic connections between the two countries, Prime Minister Modi expressed his eagerness to work with the incoming UK government.

“Keir Starmer has our sincere congratulations and best wishes on his incredible win in the UK general election. In order to further develop the India-UK Comprehensive Strategic Partnership in all domains and promote reciprocal progress and prosperity, I look forward to our positive and productive collaboration,” PM Modi tweeted.
PM Modi also tweeted his gratitude to Sunak, the first Indian-origin premier of Britain, for his work throughout his term.
“We appreciate Rishi Sunak’s outstanding leadership of the UK and his proactive efforts to strengthen India-UK relations while he was in office. I hope the future is bright for you and your family.”

The Conservative Party, under Sunak’s leadership, has had its most catastrophic electoral loss in history. The party’s poor performance in recent years, internal strife, and the cost-of-living crises are among the reasons for this.
Following a decisive victory in the UK election, Starmer is expected to take over as prime minister. Labour’s triumph signifies a noteworthy transition in British politics, as Starmer committed to “national renewal” and a return to public service.
“Reviving the concepts that bind this nation together is our ultimate goal. revitalization of the nation. This nation ought to give you an equal opportunity to succeed if you put in the necessary effort and follow the laws. In his victory address, Starmer stated, “We have to restore that.”


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