Gold Price: This week has seen a drop in the price of gold. Silver prices have decreased as well, in addition to those of gold. Regarding the bullion market in Delhi, the spot price of gold decreased on Friday for the third day in a row. The spot price of gold dropped by Rs 900, closing at Rs 72,650 per 10 kilos. The price of gold dropped by Rs 1050 earlier on Thursday. On Wednesday, there was a minor decline of Rs 50 at the same period. Silver spot prices dropped by Rs 500 on Friday, closing at Rs 92,100 per kilogram at the same time.

Gold lost around Rs 2500 this week

This week, the price of gold has decreased by almost Rs 2,500 per 10 kilos. On Friday, May 17, gold that was scheduled for delivery on June 5, 2024, closed at Rs 73,711 per 10 grams on the MCX platform. On Friday, May 24, this gold closed at Rs 71,256 per 10 grams. In this sense, the price of gold has decreased by Rs 2455 for every 10 grams this week.

gold in global market

On Friday, the worldwide gold spot price ended the day higher, but the Comex closing price of gold was lower. Gold ended the day on Comex at $2356,90 per ounce, down $2.80, or 0.12 percent. At the same time, gold’s spot price increased by 0.20 percent, or $4.56, to close at $2333.83 per ounce.


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