World News Updates From Israel, Hamas : According to family members and Hamas media outlets, three sons of Ismail Haniyeh, the most senior political figure in Hamas, were slain in an Israeli bombing in the Gaza Strip on Wednesday. Even Haniyeh admitted that further family members had passed away, but he cautioned Israel that this would not “break the resolve of our people.”

According to Hamas, Ameer, Hazem, and Mohammed Haniyeh died close to the Shati refugee camp in Gaza City.

According to an Israel Defense Forces statement made public on Wednesday, the group eliminated “three Hamas military operatives that conducted terrorist activity in the central Gaza Strip.” Mohammad and Hazem Haniyeh were military operators, according to the IDF, while Ameer Haniyeh was a cell commander in the Hamas military wing.

According to Hamas, the strike struck a car close to the Haniyeh family’s residence.

In a live interview on Wednesday, Haniyeh said, “Everyone in Gaza paid a heavy price and witnessed the blood of their sons being shed, and I am one of them.” According to Al Jazeera, he claimed that several of his grandkids were also slain and that the group had been targeted when they were celebrating Eid with relatives.

“The occupation thinks that by targeting sons of the leaders, they will break the resolve of our people,” said Haniyeh. “We will not retreat, and we are going to go all the way to liberate Jerusalem and Al-Aqsa.”
He claimed that since Israel began its assault in Gaza against Hamas, which was precipitated by the organization’s heinous terror attack on October 7, 60 members of his family had perished.
Despite being one of the two main political factions in Palestine, Hamas has long been regarded as a terrorist organization by both Israel and the United States. As the leader of the group’s politburo, Haniyeh has spent years working out of his home office in Qatar.


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