Mayank Agarwal, the Indian opener, provided an update from the hospital following a serious health scare.

News updates : Out of style Following a health scare on Tuesday, Indian opener Mayank Agarwal provided an update from the hospital. Just as the team’s flight from Tripura was about to take off, Karnataka skipper Agarwal drank something from a pouch while traveling to Delhi with his Ranji teammates. Agarwal reported having stomach trouble and got off the plane. After being hurried to a nearby hospital, Agarwal’s group filed a formal complaint, accusing foul play.

The famous batter used Instagram to provide fans with a health update, stating that he was feeling better and will soon be playing again. Agarwal expressed gratitude to his supporters and well-wishers for their support. Bollywood star Suniel Shetty, well-known sports broadcaster Sanjana Ganesan, and seasoned Indian opener Shikhar Dhawan have all wished Agarwal a speedy recovery.


Agarwal files police complaint

The Indian cricket player took a drink from a pouch while in flight, mistaking it for water. He was instantly overcome with a scorching feeling.

Kiran Gitte, the health secretary for Tripura, had earlier stated that Agarwal was safe. Agarwal’s vital signs were normal, according to SP West Tripura Kiran Kumar, who was speaking with news agency PTI. The management of Agarwal has filed a complaint with the New Capital Complex Police Station (NCCPS) to look into the situation.


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