They said that in order to get a Rajya Sabha nomination, Kamal Nath even met with Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge.

Latest Political Updates : Former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister and powerful Congressman Kamal Nath is considering joining the Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) after the party’s leadership turned down his request for a Rajya Sabha seat, India Today TV said, citing people with knowledge of the situation.
“Kamal Nath is expected to join the BJP, and the Congress leadership hasn’t tried to get in touch with him. With Kamal Nath actively pursuing a Rajya Sabha ticket, things have reached a stalemate, according to people with knowledge of the situation.

They said that in order to get a Rajya Sabha nomination, Kamal Nath even met with Congress president Mallikarjun Kharge. “The former Madhya Pradesh Chief Minister even hosted MLAs to endorse his nomination, but the leadership refused to blink,” they stated.

Congress blames Kamal Nath for fall of MP govt

The party “bent backwards to please” Nath, the insiders added. They further said that the collapse of the Madhya Pradesh administration was caused by Kamal Nath and his “adamance”. These sources also stated that Nath would not work with anyone dispatched from Delhi.
“JP Agarwal, the senior leader, was removed from his position because Kamal Nath refused to work with him and didn’t want him to be in control. When it came to ticket distribution and campaigning for the Assembly elections, Kamal Nath continued to have one-way traffic, according to the sources. Later, Randeep Surjewala was assigned the task.

According to certain rumors, Kamal Nath, his son Nakul Nath, and a few other MPs might join the BJP.

Kamal Nath on joining BJP

The former chief minister of Madhya Pradesh’s arrival in Delhi on Saturday marked the height of the rumors. Nath told reporters that he would alert the media first if there was anything of such sort.
“You are saying this and getting thrilled, it’s not about denying it. This side or that, I’m not getting enthusiastic, but if something like that happened, I would let you know,” Nath remarked.

Kamal Nath’s close aide spills the beans

“Three things work in politics-respect, insult, and self-respect, when these are hurt a person changes his decisions,” stated Sajjan Singh Verma, a senior assistant of Kamala Nath. All three of these reasons come into play when a highly accomplished politician who has contributed much to Congress and the country over the past 45 years considers leaving the party. There has been no decision regarding Kamal Nath ji’s departure; that is merely conjecture.”

MP Congress on Kamal Nath-BJP reports

On Saturday, the Madhya Pradesh Congress denied reports that longtime party members Kamal Nath and his son, MP Nakul Nath, were planning to join the BJP. At a press conference, PCC President Jitu Patwari denied the news concerning former Chief Minister Kamal Nath as unfounded.
He highlighted the close ties that have existed between the Nath and Nehru-Gandhi families since the 1970s. Patwari narrated Nath’s 45-year political career, emphasizing his seven years as Madhya Pradesh’s Congress president and his unwavering devotion to the party.

“In his political career of 45 years, he spent the last seven years as president of the Congress in Madhya Pradesh,” added Patwari. He supported the party resolutely in every circumstance, standing shoulder to shoulder with the rest of us congressional staff. He inspired us to carry out our responsibilities boldly by assimilating the opinions of the populace and acting as the opposition,” he remarked.

Jitu Patwari on Kamal Nath’s government in MP

Patwari also doubted that Kamal Nath, who is popularly known as Indira Gandhi’s third son, would ever defect from the Congress party. During the 15-month Kamal Nath government, Patwari served as a cabinet minister. He further emphasized that Kamal Nath was referred to as Indira Gandhi’s “third son” by the former prime minister.
“I recall the day Jyotiraditya Scindia overthrew the Congress government. He remarked, “Even then, Kamal Nath was the leader and mentor of every Congress employee. “Let me state that the news is unfounded. Is it really possible for Indira ji’s third son to quit Congress? Will this idea ever occur to you, even in dreams? We fought elections just two months ago, and every Congressman kept sacrificing everything to elevate Kamal Nath to the position of chief minister. Is Kamal Nath able to discuss leaving us? Since Kamal Nath was the chief minister, Scindia’s thugs were beating up our supporters when they were overthrowing the government. Is Kamal Nath able to leave us? Patwari enquired.


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