With a platinum blonde makeover, Amanda Bynes, 37, made a comeback to the spotlight eight months after being released from a mental health facility. On December 11, the What a Girl Wants actress posted a new video of her icy-blonde mullet and dark-blue eyebrows on TikTok. Amanda looked stunning in the video, sporting a glossy pink lip and what looked to be basic foundation. She also looked great in a black t-shirt.

The actress’s face tattoo in the shape of a heart was also clearly visible. In addition to criticizing paparazzi shots for making her appear “terrible” because of the lighting, Amanda shared the video to explain how she looks in various lighting conditions. Amanda clarified, “Paparazzi pictures are taken outside, which is why I usually don’t look good in them. “My skin is usually exposed to extremely bright and harsh sunlight.”

The seasoned actress added that although she doesn’t “look old,” her appearance may appear different in outdoor lighting than it does in indoor lighting. “I look terrible even though I’m only 37. The harsh lighting can create shadows on my face like it casts shadows in different areas,” the woman said. Then, Amanda moved into different lighting zones in her house to demonstrate to her admirers how “bad” she can appear in certain lighting conditions.

She said in the video’s conclusion that locating the “best light” nearby is her “secret” to looking “good.” Some of Amanda’s nearly 94K followers reacted to her most recent appearance in the comments section after she shared the image with them. One fan exclaimed, “You slay no matter the lighting,” and another said, “No need to explain.” You are stunning on the inside as well. Even well-known blogger Bunnie XO praised Amanda in the comments section. She wrote, “You’re gorgeous no matter what, babe,” and included a white heart emoji.

Amanda disclosed in a different video that she had undergone eyelid surgery known as blepharoplasty. She revealed, “I actually had Blepharoplasty surgery on the skin folds in the corner of my eyes, but I was never open about this before.” It was “one of the best” things the blonde beauty had done for her “self confidence,” she continued, adding that it had made her feel “a lot better” about herself.

On December 9, the Easy A star returned to the spotlight with the release of a new podcast on Spotify. The first episode of Amanda Bynes & Paul Sieminski: The Podcast, her official show, is almost thirty minutes long. On December 10, Amanda used TikTok once more to express her gratitude to her followers for watching the first episode. In the video, she stated, “I hope you all tune into that episode as well. We are filming the next episode in two weeks.”

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