Delhi Police acknowledged that they were notified of the harassment by calls they got from Swati Maliwal’s phone number, which was registered within Arvind Kejriwal’s home.

Party spokesperson Sanjay Singh alleged on Tuesday that AAP Rajya Sabha MP Swati Maliwal was harassed by party chief Arvind Kejriwal’s personal assistant, saying that he “misbehaved” with her at the Chief Minister’s city residence in Delhi. This came a day after unsubstantiated reports claimed that the staffer had beaten her.
Chief Minister Kejriwal, who has been under fire from opponents BJP and on-paper allies Congress since the story broke, “will take strict action,” according to Mr. Singh, who referred to the episode as “highly condemnable.”

An extremely upsetting event happened early yesterday morning. Arvind Kejriwal has scheduled a meeting with Swati Maliwal. As she waited for him in the drawing room, Bibhav Kumar entered and mistreated her. Following this, Ms. Maliwal informed the police of what had occurred by calling them.”
“This is an unacceptable occurrence. Arvind Kejriwal has acknowledged the situation and stated that the harshest measures should be implemented. Mr. Singh stated to reporters that Swati Maliwal is a party member and has done a great deal of good deeds for the people and the nation.

senior and oldest leaders. We support her and will take Mr. Kejriwal’s directive seriously in handling this matter. Such behavior is not supported by the AAP.”
On the incident, Ms. Maliwal has not yet made any comments.
“(Swati) Maliwal visited Arvind Kejriwal at his home yesterday. The Chief Minister’s PA, Bibhav Kumar, mistreated her in the drawing room while she was waiting. This is a very regrettable occurrence. Mr. Kejriwal has acknowledged the situation and will act firmly. stated Mr. Singh.

The BJP has promptly denounced Mr. Singh’s statement. “Why were they silent for 36 hours?” asked Virendra Sachdeva, the party’s leader in Delhi. The Chief Minister was nowhere to be found. You are only now becoming aware of the misbehavior of a lady Rajya Sabha MP who was in Mr. Kejriwal’s house?”

It is deplorable. “Something needs to be done,” he said. Additionally, he asserted that Ms. Maliwal had not yet filed a police case because of political pressure.


AAP Under Attack for Harassing Swati Maliwal

Following Mr. Singh’s remarks, the AAP is certain to face additional attacks today. On Monday, the party was hit hard by reports that Ms. Maliwal, the Chief Minister’s housemate and former chair of the Delhi Commission, had been beaten inside.
Arvinder Singh Lovely, a newcomer to the BJP from the Congress, said, “It is terrible and condemnable if Swati Maliwal has been handled this way. It is impossible for those who talk about guarantees to ensure the protection of women in their own homes. This begs concerns about the government.”

The National Commission for Women has also taken up the issue, stating that it will look into the event and has asked Delhi Police to submit a “action-taken” report to them within 72 hours.


On Swati Maliwal’s Harassment, Delhi Police

Delhi Police verified that they were notified of the harassment by calls they received from inside Mr. Kejriwal’s home using a phone number that belonged to Ms. Maliwal.
However, the caller did not give their name.
Later, according to the police, Ms. Maliwal showed up at the Civil Lines police station—the location of Mr. Kejriwal’s official residence—but departed without submitting a formal complaint.

“We received a phone at 9:34 a.m. on Monday, from someone who claimed to have been assaulted in the Chief Minister’s home. After a while, Swati Maliwal visited the police station, but she departed without filing a complaint, MK Meena, the deputy commissioner of police for Delhi North, informed the media.


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