Teams from the municipality examined Chinese chestnuts in the marketplaces in Esenler, Istanbul. Until the laboratory findings were received, the chestnuts were stored in the municipality’s storehouse.

Chestnuts are a popular wintertime food, and sales of them have begun.

However, this year has seen a rise in the sales of imported chestnuts as a result of the scarcity of chestnuts in our nation and their high price.

It has come to light that Chinese chestnuts, which were formerly imported for use as animal feed, are now being sold in the marketplaces.

Teams from the Esenler Municipality Police examined the public market for Chinese chestnuts, which are difficult to differentiate from native chestnuts and have been shown to be unhealthy for people.

Police teams reported the incident to Esenler District Governorship District Directorate of Agriculture teams so that samples could be taken. They suspected a chestnut stall because the chestnuts were larger than local chestnuts and sold for less in the market area.

Teams from the District Directorate of Agriculture visited the marketplace and collected samples from the chestnut stall for analysis. It was discovered that the Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry’s laboratories will be using the samples that were collected for analysis.

It was discovered that the goods, which will remain at the Esenler Municipality trustee warehouse until the investigation is finished, will be destroyed if they are manufactured in China and returned to the seller if they are determined to be compliant.


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