Russia Ukraine War Updates :The quiet district of Kramatorsk was attacked by the Russian army the day before. The Russian Armed Forces targeted a private home, demolishing it completely.
Sadly, there have been casualties among civilians.
See the content to learn about the fallout from the February 17 attack on Kramatorsk.

Strike on Kramatorsk: news today

The Donetsk OVA reports that the Russian military opened fire on Kramatorsk with missiles on February 17. According to the National Police, explosive specialists have already identified the missiles that struck the city as Kh-22 and Iskander-M.
Three civilians were inside a residential structure when the strike occurred. The building was nearly completely demolished by the missiles, which even damaged the foundation.
The attack claimed the lives of a 46-year-old mother and her 23-year-old son, as is already known. Their remains were found beneath the debris.

It was then revealed that pieces of the third victim’s body had been discovered at the Kramatorsk disaster site. This was previously an old woman, the young man’s deceased grandmother.
The spouses of pensioners hurt in the Kramatorsk incident were also transported to the hospital. Both the 75-year-old wife and the 78-year-old guy were at home when they were attacked.

Part 2 of Article 438 of the Ukrainian Criminal Code states that criminal proceedings against violations of the laws and customs of war have already been initiated by the prosecutor’s office in the Donetsk area.
Recall that the enemy affects not just the military but also the civilian sector. Check out our other content online to observe how the battle map has evolved over time.
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