Latest World Updates : With a plexiglass runway above grass and streams for the Prada Autumn Winter 2024 menswear presentation, Dutch studio AMO emphasized the “paradoxical dichotomy” between office interiors and the wild world.

During Milan Fashion Week, AMO, the research and creative lab of architecture company OMA, produced the scenography for the show at the Fondazione Prada, which was conceived by Rem Koolhaas.

Large expanses of genuine grass, resembling forests, were scattered with rocks, pebbles, leaves, and running water to mimic natural streams throughout the Deposito area of the arts center.

On the other hand, AMO built a transparent plexiglass runway that was fixed to a gridded framework above the unkempt grass.

Prada, which has its headquarters in Milan, stated, “The studio created a set design juxtaposing an office interior with a natural landscape.”

The geometric runway was lined with rows of identical black swivel chairs that served as both seating for attendees and routes for the models.

Mist was released into the room to create an ambient impression, and office-style strip lighting that was embedded in the ceiling was reflected in stiff patterns across the plexiglass.

AMO constructed walls around the set’s boundaries using the recognizable corporate blue panels that are frequently seen in office settings.

Whole booths made out of the panels were displayed in one area where guests joined the runway. These booths included big desks, swivel chairs, and desktop PCs with the Prada emblem displayed on their otherwise blank screens.

The fashion house’s co-creative directors, Raf Simons and Miuccia Prada, presented the show, and the outfits mirrored the divergent set design.

Traditional suits and ties with muted textile finishes were paired with more colorful accessories like swimming caps and sunglasses that resembled goggles and gave a tribute to the great outdoors.

“This collection is about something basic – the emotional instinct to remain attached to something we know, the cycles of nature,” Prada stated.

“There is a simple assertion, of a deep and essential human need to connect with the world around us,” the company stated.

“Demonstrating the paradoxical dichotomy between two coexisting worlds [offices and nature], this show explores fundamental truths of humanity, our natural instincts and our emotional needs.”


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