Following a terrorist attack on an Indian Air Force convoy the day before that resulted in one personnel death, security personnel conducted a search operation on Sunday morning, according to officials.

The officers stated that the purpose of the search operation was to locate the terrorists. Security personnel have set up nakas, and the area is being checked.

Late on Saturday night, more Indian Army troops arrived at the Jarra Wali Gali (JWG) in Poonch.
Following the tragedy at Sanai village, the injured men were taken to the Command Hospital in Udhampur without delay. Tragically, one of them died there as a result of his injuries.

In an effort to find the attackers, the local Rashtriya Rifles unit launched search and cordon efforts in the area after the incident, with assistance from the Army and police.
With a tweet confirming the occurrence and highlighting the ongoing investigation, the IAF said that the targeted convoy had been secured.
“An Indian Air Force vehicle convoy was attacked by terrorists in the Poonch district,” according to officials.

Inside the air base in the general vicinity of Shahsitar, the vehicles have been secured.


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