On the evening of the 18th, a volcano in the southwest of Iceland, in Northern Europe, erupted close to Grindavik. As of the 19th, the eruption is still going on. The Icelandic government declared that there was no threat to human life from the eruption, and nearby residents were evacuated beforehand.

The Icelandic government released an announcement stating that the eruption happened to the northeast of Grindavik and that the lava erupted from a 4 km-long crack in the ground. Since late October, there have been several earthquakes in the area, which are indicators of an impending eruption, so people are being extra cautious.

 One of the most volcanically active nations on Earth is Iceland, and the 2010 eruption had a significant effect, closing airports across Europe as a result of volcanic smoke. This time, there are no delays for flights to and from Iceland.

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