Review of the crew: You’ll wish it went longer because Kareena Kapoor, Tabu, and Kriti Sanon’s heist comedy keeps things amusing throughout.

Latest Entertainment News : Why should guys get to enjoy all the fun and action in the air? I adore it when strong female leads lead in films, and Rajesh Krishnan’s heist comedy Crew is a breath of fresh air in terms of storyline and character development for its three leads, Tabu, Kareena Kapoor Khan, and Kriti Sanon. They are tough, brave when necessary, and most of all, a lot of fun. Don’t let that stop you from enjoying Crew; even if something takes an absurd turn or becomes a bit corny, it’s still entertaining and energizing to watch.

Being based on the now-defunct Kingfisher Airlines, Geeta Sethi (Tabu), Jasmine Bajwa (Kareena), and Divya Rana (Kriti) are air hostesses for Kohinoor Airlines. They all three strive for a nice life and follow their aspirations. Former Miss Karnal Geeta is married to Arun Sethi (Kapil Sharma), a home cook, and together they hope to start their own restaurant in Goa. They also periodically assist Geeta’s brother, who is an alcoholic, and his spouse. With a penchant for high-end labels like Louis Vuitton and Beemer, Jasmine is not above posting fake photos on social media. She grew up in Jabalpur with her grandmother, Kulbhushan Kharbanda, who instilled in her the value of having your own support system. Speaking of your own people, school topper Divya has a loving family, but she lied to them about wanting to be a pilot and ended up being an air hostess. Aside from her career and the scandal she is up in, the only exciting thing in her life is the custom officer Jaiveer (Diljit Dosajh), who pursues her and ends up taking advantage of her.

After going unpaid for six months, they carry on with their work mediocrely and relish the daily expenditure of traveling abroad. However, their lives take a turn for the worst when they become embroiled in a smuggling probe. Three cabin crew members decide to get their money (and a lot more) back from Kohinoor Airlines chairman Vijay Walia (Saswata Chatterjee) after learning that he has declared bankruptcy and fled to Al Burj (again, modelled on the flashy Dubai; why couldn’t they just call it that?). Yeah, no holding back when it comes to this character; it’s straight out of Vijay Mallaya. It’s a rocky and uneven ride as they come up with wild schemes to treat him right while attempting to avoid being arrested by investigative police and customs officials.

Excellent intentions but subpar performance

Although the plot seems quite original and has a lot of potential to be a unique heist comedy, inconsistent storytelling frequently finds its way into the film due to the poor writing and nonlinear narrative. Even though some of the jokes aren’t very hilarious, writers Nidhi Mehra and Mehul Suri maintain their level of skill with witty one-liners and comedic punches, most of which make the audience laugh out loud. I adore how Jasmine from Bebo frequently interrupts Sona Kitna Sona Hai. We’re constantly nourished with humor and laughter, even in the most difficult circumstances. There’s seldom enough space for sentimental or serious situations. Still, there was no doubt that the crew could have landed more skillfully and smoothly. The first half of the film takes off and soars high with the story progressing backwards at a good rate. However, the second half suffers greatly from poor writing, with many scenes appearing hurried in an attempt to finish the picture in the allotted time. However, the trio avoids a crash landing and saves the day with their antics and mischievous behavior.

The female friendships, the camaraderie the three have, and the emotional (and humorous) anguish they have when faced with challenges are what make Crew so great. The story even borders on comedy at points, and you have to wonder about the intelligence of these women when they manage to accomplish their goal by a series of fortuitous events and coincidences. Still, like I mentioned, it’s entertaining to watch. Oh, and it’s really difficult to ignore the many overt brand connections, such as Wow Momo, AJIO, Zomato, and LV. And now there was no need to destroy Choli Ke Peeche at all. I might not mind if Bebo dances to that, but I most definitely won’t be happy if Arab dancers ruin the entire atmosphere of the classic.

All in all, the women are simply amazing from beginning to end. Even in the face of occasional setbacks, their enthusiasm never wanes. Being the most experienced member of the group both on and off screen, Tabu never fails to make a good joke look easy. Fun is enhanced by her clever one-liners and a few regional slang terms. The unbeaten queen, Kareena, effortlessly steals the show. Her gorgeous appearance and the joy she infuses into her role remind you a little bit of Geet and Poo.  It’s important to note that Kriti holds her own and adds an endearing charm alongside two elders. It would be remiss of me not to acknowledge the males. Although they come and go as needed, Diljit and Kapil both know their strengths and play to them here as well. I thought it was good how the director underplayed them while still making their roles meaningful.

In summary, Crew is the threesome that you wish lasted a little longer because they make you laugh and have fun while serving up some cheesy and cocky humor. Crew also manages to stay afloat despite a lot of turbulence.


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