The 25th of December is designated as Christmas Day each year. The holiday is lavishly celebrated by members of the Christian community. On this day, people exchange gifts. Houses are decked with Christmas trees. Christmas Day is considered to be the birthdate of Jesus Christ in Christian religion.

Christian doctrine holds that the first celebration of Jesus Christ’s birthday took place in a Rome church in 360 AD. However, there was a disagreement at the moment over Jesus Christ’s birthday. Following this, December 25 was proclaimed to be Jesus Christ’s birthday in the fourth century. Christmas Day was first observed as a national holiday in America in 1836, and December 25 was made a public holiday.

The festivity attaches great significance to the Christmas tree. It is believed that Christmas tree decorating originated in Northern Europe many millennia ago. But back then, a tree named Fair was decorated to commemorate the winter holiday.

Over time, the practice of having a Christmas tree began to spread throughout society, and people began to decorate their homes for the holiday. It is said that every god decked the Christmas tree to show their joy at the birth of Jesus. This myth holds that individuals decorate their Christmas trees with colorful lights during the holiday season.


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