One year has passed since Tanya, the White Lotus character played by Jennifer Coolidge, fatally bit it while escaping a yacht full of murderous gay men. On Monday night, the character was given a farewell toast in Hollywood during the 2024 Emmy Awards.

“After accepting her second Emmy, Coolidge stated, “I want to thank all the terrible gays.” She concluded her stage time, watched closely by host Anthony Anderson’s mother, the designated bouncer for the ceremony, by stating, “I had a little dream in my little town,” which she praised White Lotus creator Mike White for putting her on the series. “Never give up on your aspirations.”

For the title, the actor defeated a number of co-stars from White Lotus, including J. Smith-Cameron from Succession, Elizabeth Debicki from The Crown, Rhea Seehorn from Better Call Saul, and Meghann Fahy, Sabrina Impacciatore, Aubrey Plaza, and Simona Tabasco.

In 2022, Coolidge’s performance as Tanya in the first season of White Lotus, which was set in Hawaii, earned her an Emmy for supporting performer in a limited series. The show entered the drama category when it came back for a second run.

Despite Tanya’s passing, White has stated that he would think about bringing her back for a prequel that takes place roughly 20 years before the events of the most recent seasons. Australia has also been proposed by Coolidge as the location for the flashback season.

The HBO series, which had 23 nominations in total this year, would have won big at the awards ceremony if White Lotus had received nominations in any other year. However, a lot of the White Lotus nominations were disqualified from consideration by the cast members of Succession, who were watching their last Emmy season.

Leslie Bibb, Dom Hetrakul, Jason Isaacs, Michelle Monaghan, Tayme Thapthimthong, Parker Posey, and returning cast member Natasha Rothwell will be joining them for The White Lotus’s third season, which is set in Thailand and will start filming next month, HBO reported earlier this month.


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