Latest News From Taiwan : Retired RoCAF deputy commander Chang Yen-ting raised the alarm when he saw a Chinese military plane flying only 76 kilometers from Keelung City, at the northernmost point of the island, and according to reports, it would take only five minutes to get to the Presidential Office building.
In an effort to demonstrate its territorial sovereignty, Beijing regularly sends formations of the PLAAF and PLA Navy (PLAN) into Taiwan’s Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ), and this included the Chinese aircraft.
Chinese ADIZ aircraft have increased in boldness from the previous year and have started to violate the fictitious “median line,” signaling that neither Taiwan nor the US can stop them.

It’s interesting to note that the Presidential Office was recently the target of a Chinese “attack” after a mockup of the structure appeared online in a mainland Chinese location.
This implied that China was getting ready in case it needed to launch an urban offensive to force the leadership to submit to Beijing by occupying the political and administrative buildings and sending troops on the ground.

Commander in the Retired Air Force Raises Alarm

After the Ministry of National Defense (MND) published a graphic on April 21 that showed a Chinese military aircraft only 76 kilometers from Keelung, Chang Yen-tin made this statement.
According to the chart, it would take the Chinese plane only “five minutes” to reach the PO building, which was located a few dozen kilometers south of the location when the aircraft approached Keelung.

According to Yen-ting, who was quoted by CNA, if the plane had unexpectedly proceeded for Taipei City, the military would not have had time to respond due to its location.
For a long time, strategists have speculated about the potential of a “decapitation strike,” in which Chinese planes would assault the Presidential Office Building in Central Taipei by flying in from Taiwan’s north coast.

It’s possible that the national army lacks warning time. The suspicion of beheading operations worries the media,” Yen-ting stated. Yen-ting was cited in other media as indicating that Chinese planes are “inching closer.”

Chiu Kuo-cheng, the defense minister (Qiu Guozheng), nevertheless, “ejected” these anxieties. The military’s “observation” of planes, according to Chiu, “served precisely to prevent such a scenario,” “discounting” Chang’s theory. He declared that only “during peacetime” and when there was “no counter-attack by the national army” would the “three to five minute” trip be permitted.
Concerning the Chinese research ship Xiang Yang Hong 06, which is based near Taiwan, Chiu was also questioned. The ship was observed traveling from south to north off the coast of Hualien County on April 22 in the evening.

Chiu stated that the ship had been sighted multiple times in the vicinity of Taiwan and that the Navy was keeping a close eye on its actions. “The ship appears frequently, but the Coast Guard and the military have response techniques and expertise because this time point is relatively sensitive.”
For this year’s Han Kuang 40 military exercises, which started on April 19 and are scheduled to end on April 26, Taiwan is also running computer simulations.
Reports also stated that “the computer exercises’ duration had been extended from the previous five days and four nights.” The RoCAF military brass is presumably creating scenarios to defend important government and military positions by using the most recent information from the Chinese ADIZ violation planes to fuel the simulated wargames.


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