January 2, Tel Aviv Hezbollah, a militant organization supported by Iran, has declared that an Israeli attack claimed the lives of four of its members.

Hezbollah declared on its English telegraph channel that four of its men had died.

Hezbollah released a statement claiming that the four were killed in Israeli operations in Kafir Kala, in southern Lebanaon.

The Israel Defense Forces (IDF) had previously declared that Hezbollah locations in southern Lebanon had been targeted by their airstrikes.

Hezbollah is launching rockets and missiles against Israel from northern Israel while Israel is fighting a bloody battle south of the Gaza Strip.

But Hezbollah and Iran have been forewarned by Israel and the US that if these attacks persist, a full-scale conflict will break out in the Middle East.

Iran has threatened to exact retribution on Israel for the purported death of Iran’s Brigade General, Razi Mousavi, in Syria, which sparked a verbal spat between the two countries.

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