Grammy Awards 2024: The largest night in music was finished off by a series of emotional and unexpected occurrences. View the top five highlights from the ceremony.

The 2024 Grammy Awards were a star-studded event that took place in the Arena in Los Angeles on Sunday night (Monday morning in India). The largest night in music history was filled with touching speeches, unexpected surprises, and first-time victories! These are a few of the show’s greatest moments.

“I just won my first Grammy!” exclaims Miley Cyrus.

For Flower, Miley Cyrus received her first-ever Grammy for best pop solo performance. Mariah Carey, who Miley had asked to stand next to her during her emotional acceptance speech, gave her the prize. “This MC Is gonna stand by this MC, this is just too iconic,” she stated. “I just won my first Grammy!” the singer exclaimed in the middle of the song “Flowers,” which she later sang.

Taylor Swift reveals her upcoming album.

Taylor Swift has a great attention to detail. The pop diva stunned the audience by revealing, in her acceptance speech following her 13th Grammy award for best pop vocal album, that her highly anticipated new album would be released on April 19. “I would want to express my gratitude to the Recording Academy members for their vote. However, I am aware that the Recording Academy’s vote is a clear representation of the ardor of the public,” Swift remarked.

“In order to show my appreciation to the fans, I would like to share with you a secret that I have been keeping for the past two years: my brand-new album will be released on April 19.” The Department of Tortured Poets is the name of it. I’m going backstage right now to upload the cover. I’m grateful. I love you. I’m grateful.


There is a standing ovation for Tracy Chapman.

After Tracy Chapman and Luke Combs performed Fast Car at the Grammy Awards, they were met with a standing ovation. The song was written and performed by Tracy in 1988. The song experienced a second comeback after Luke recorded a new version of it in April of last year. A lot of people on X responded quite positively to Tracy’s performance. “Tracy Chapman sounds as beautiful as she did the day this song released,” one person commented. Whoa. What a mythology.” Another stated, “I started crying when I saw Tracy Chapman receive this standing ovation. In this profession, Black queer women in music are too frequently ignored. It was moving to watch her receive her flowers in this manner.”

First-ever performance by Joni Mitchell at the Grammy Awards

In her fifty-year career, Joni Mitchell gave her first-ever Grammy Awards performance. A very touching rendition of Both Sides Now was given by Joni, who won the 2002 Recording Academy Lifetime Achievement Award. Several musicians, including Blake Mills, Lucius, Brandi Carlisle, Sista Strings, Jacob Collier, and Allison Russell, supported her on stage. In addition, she was given the Grammy for Joni Mitchell at Newport (Live), Best Folk Album.

Tony Bennett’s loving homage from Stevie Wonder

An emotional remembrance to Tony Bennett, a lifelong friend, was led by Stevie Wonder. He filled in for his late friend, who passed away in July 2023 at the age of 96, during the yearly memorial segment. Wonder remarked, “I remember hearing Tony Bennett sing ‘For Once in My Life’ when I was like 13 or 14 years old,” during the tribute. What’s fantastic, though, is that I was able to perform the song with someone I had long admired—not just for his amazing voice, though that helped—but also for his art—his love of civil rights, peace, unity, and art in general.”


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