Google News : Significantly, rumours circulating on the internet state that Google has sacked its whole Python team. Python is a general-purpose programming language that is extremely advanced.
This is crucial, according to news reports from sources covering these topics, as the California-based business is AI-driven, particularly in light of the present AI boom. This is a complex artificial intelligence system created in the advanced Python programming language.
There is presently a wealth of material on the subject available on websites like Reddit and Hacker News.

The now-former Google employees wrote in the post, “We maintained a stable version of Python within Google and made sure that everything in the monorepo worked with it, in addition to contributing to upstream Python.” Many speculate that the corporation made this decision because it was looking for a “cheaper” option outside of the US, where it would not have to spend as much.
They continue by stating, “In my time on the team we moved from 2.7 to 3.6, then incrementally to 3.11, each update taking months to over a year because the rule at google is if you check any code in, you are responsible for every single breakage it causes” .

Along with listing their accomplishments, the dejected former employee also mentioned how difficult the task was given that there were only twenty or so people employed in the department.
“We worked with less than ten people for years, and we stayed on it for years because we loved the work and the team,” they stated. We also had supervisors that were very good at preserving work/life balance and the “marathon, not sprint” mentality at work, despite the understaffing. It’s the greatest work I’ve ever had, and I will really miss it, as I mentioned in another reply.”

Similar labor reductions were previously made in the finance department, a sign of the company’s policy reorientation and cost-cutting efforts by using labor from labor markets where wages are lower than in the US.
Furthermore, these events have occurred just a few days after the corporation dismissed scores of its employees in California and New York for participating in protests against its backing of Israel in Gaza within the company’s premises.


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