Updates by Newsparviews : With the implementation of the ‘Tracking Protection’ feature, Google is about to disable internet cookies for 30 million Chrome users starting today.

Google, the behemoth of the IT industry, declared in December that it would stop using cookies on its Chrome browser for 30 million users worldwide, or around 1% of all Chrome users.

According to Google, on January 4, the company will automatically stop third-party cookies for millions of Chrome users, stopping other websites from monitoring your online activities. Additionally, “Tracking Protection” will take the role of this technology in the browser.

Cookies are tiny data files that can track your online activity and remember your preferences when you visit a certain website. The primary purpose of cookies is to display a user’s preferred advertising and items.

Nevertheless, cookies on external websites hosted by Google may also be able to access your personal information and cause your browser to lag by hogging bandwidth. These are a few of the explanations behind Google’s decision to stop using cookies for millions of people.

Google intends to eliminate cookies for all browser users by the end of 2024, even though the concept has only been applied to 1% of Chrome users. Nevertheless, Google is unable to fully eliminate cookies because advertising remains one of its primary revenue streams.

To combat cookies from unaffiliated websites, Google has launched Tracking Protection. With the goal of preventing cross-site tracking, this new functionality will be available to 30 million Chrome users on Windows, Mac, Linux, Android, and iOS as of January 4.

Since Google is unable to entirely halt advertising, the Tracking Protection feature will turn to a new tool called Ad themes for assistance. Ad Topics will use the content of your recent Chrome browser history to identify “topics” that interest you and enable relevant adverts.

Rather of permitting third-party cookies to follow your surfing history, Ad Topics will make decisions based on your search history for a predetermined amount of time. Google will be able to locally define your interests through these capabilities, all without the need for cookies.

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