Latest News Updates : On Tuesday morning, a number of Groww online trading platform customers complained about technical difficulties they were having on social media.

Many users took to social media to vent their frustrations, complaining that they had trouble logging onto the app. While some had trouble checking in, others had trouble seeing their balances and placing orders.

On X, a user posted, “Groww balance not showing and order not executing.”

Issue is resolved- Groww

The financial platform first acknowledged the problem before confirming that everything is working as it should now. Groww declared, “The issue has been resolved now thanks to your unwavering support and patience.”

Users demand compensation for ‘loss’

I am unable to transact on your app even though you are my broker. and unable to carry out directives. What is happening? Who’s going to cover my losses? Avoid using this kind of flimsy trickery. incredibly repulsive. Disgusting, a user claimed on X that they had lost money as a result of the bug.

“Technical problems at a stock brokerage firm caused us, the public, to lose our money. Who is going to pay us back? I lost ₹19,700 in money,” a another person commented.

The best stock brokerage in India is called Groww. As of the end of September 2023, Groww and Zerodha have 64.8 lakh and 66.3 lakh active investors, respectively, according to data from the National Stock Exchange.

Groww says ‘technical issue’

The finance company recognized the problem when users voiced their complaints about the glitch. It stated that they are actively resolving the technical malfunction that users are experiencing, but did not provide any details about the problem.

“Hi there! We regret any inconvenience this has caused. A technical issue is being attended to by our staff, and we are working quickly to rectify it. We sincerely appreciate your patience, and we will soon resume regular business as usual. I appreciate your understanding. Team Groww,” the business wrote on X.


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