Faridabad Political Updates : The Bhadana family’s political divisions have intensified the struggle between the Congress and BJP, both of whom include Gurjar politicians on their ticket. It is thought that a significant portion of the winner’s decision is made by the community.
Political analyst Krishan Pal Gurjar of the BJP claims that Mahender Pratap Singh, a Gurjar leader and opponent of Singh, is the reason the fight became fascinating. However, there has been conjecture of a significant split in Gurjar votes as a result of Avtar Singh Bhadana, a former MP, and his brother Kartar Singh, a former minister, deciding to back the Congress and BJP candidates, respectively. Over the past three years, the brothers have been a formidable force in politics.

Political analyst Devender Singh predicts that non-Gurjar voters such as Jats, Dalits, Muslims, Brahmins, Thakurs, and Vaish will likely determine a candidate’s fate. Despite having the most Jat votes in the constituency, he claimed that this did not always matter.

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