In Assam, Tata Electronics Private Limited plans to establish a semiconductor facility valued at ₹ 27,000 crore.

News Updates from Assam : During their meeting on Wednesday, Assam Chief Minister Himanta Biswa Sarma expressed gratitude to businessman Ratan Tata for proposing to build a semiconductor plant worth ₹ 27,000 crore in his state.
Speaking in Mumbai following his meeting with Mr. Tata and Tata Sons chairman N Chandrasekaran, Mr. Sarma stated that the Tata semiconductor factory at Morigaon’s Jagiroad will put us on the global semiconductor map and change the economic landscape of East India.

“I expressed to Shri Ratan Tata and Shri N Chandrasekharan on behalf of the people of Assam our sincere gratitude for their extraordinary conviction and faith in our State to carry out this massive, game-changing investment. We anticipate releasing the first chips by 2025,” Mr. Sarma stated on X, tagging Mr. Tata and Mr. Chandrasekaran in photos.

In the course of the discussion, Mr. Sarma also spoke about the establishment of a skill development center, which will share space with the semiconductor factory on Jagiroad in Morigaon.
Additionally, Mr. Sarma stated that by providing training in artificial intelligence, semiconductors, and electronics, the Skill Development Center will empower young people from the Northeast and aid in their employment prospects inside the Jagiroad division.

1,500 young people from Assam, mostly women, are enrolled in training programs at Tata facilities in and around Bangalore already. When the semiconductor plant starts up in 2025, this will put them in a leading position,” he stated.
Prime Minister Narendra Modi dedicated the Outsourced Semiconductor Assembly and Test (OSAT) facility in Morigaon earlier this week.
Tata Electronics Private Limited is establishing the facility in accordance with the Modified Scheme for Semiconductor Assembly, Testing, Marking, and Packaging (ATMP).


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