Latest Updates Of Games : The multiplayer feature of the Pokémon-esque survival construction game Palworld can be a bit erratic. The game does not feature player-versus-player gameplay, and although you can work with friends to defeat enemies and construct larger bases, some of the progression can still be completed alone.

Having said that, playing games with more people is more enjoyable. We go into how Palworld’s multiplayer and cross-play functions—or doesn’t—below.


You have two options: you can join a dedicated server with up to 32 people, or you can host or play with your friends in a personal save file with up to four players. All you have to do to join a personal save file is enter the invite code, which the host player can locate in their settings.

It might be necessary for you, the host, toggling the multiplayer option in the world settings if the invite code is not displayed. You will need to email the invite code to your friends each time you start a new session because a fresh code will be generated.

You have three options for playing on a dedicated server: create your own, sign up for a hosting website, or join one of the Palworld public servers. (I usually choose the latter because it’s the simplest solution.)

You must play on Steam unless you want to restrict yourself to four-player sessions, as dedicated servers are only available on Steam (for now).


Cross-play between the Steam and Xbox versions is not possible. Furthermore, the PC version of the game that can be played through Xbox Game Pass does not support cross-play with the Steam version.

You must either purchase the game on Xbox or Steam in order to play with friends.

Hang tight, as Pocketpair states in a FAQ that they are “working to make this a possibility as soon as possible!”


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