Latest Political Updates By News Par Views : Justice BV Nagarathna questioned what happened to the goal of eliminating black money if 98% of the currency was brought back into the system.

In her dissenting opinion, Justice BV Nagarathna stated that she had taken this action because she was moved by the plight that demonetisation has placed on the average man. At a speech at NALSAR University, Justice Nagarathna stated that the efficiency of the currency in removing illicit income became doubtful if 98% of it ended up at the Reserve Bank of India, according to LiveLaw.

98% of the money was returned to the RBI. In what direction were we going with the eradication of black money? It seemed like a sensible method of turning black money into white money. We are unaware of what transpired with the income tax proceedings following that. I was so moved by the plight of the average guy that I felt compelled to disagree,” she added.

By a vote of 4:1, the Supreme Court’s Constitution Bench, presided over by Justice Abdul Nazeer, maintained the legality of the demonetisation plan in 2023. In her dissenting opinion, Justice Nagarathna stated that the entire procedure was completed in a single day and that the Reserve Bank of India did not apply its thinking independently.


“It’s not a healthy trend for governors to get involved in litigation.”

Justice Nagarathna discussed the ongoing legal battles between the governors and state governments in her speech. “Bringing the Governor’s actions to constitutional courts for review is not a good trend as defined by the Constitution. Despite the title “gubernatorial post,” this is a significant constitutional position, and governors must operate in accordance with the document to minimize this type of litigation. Governors find it extremely embarrassing to be instructed what to do or not do. It’s now time for them to be told, I think, to carry out their responsibilities in accordance with the Constitution,” the Justice stated. Litigations pitting states against their governors were observed in Tamil Nadu, Kerala, Telangana, and Punjab.


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