According to leaks, the Samsung Galaxy S24 Ultra, which is scheduled to launch in a few days, is expected to include significant upgrades, such as better design and a better camera.

The big launch of the Samsung Galaxy S4 series is in a few days. Before the big reveal, a well-known tipster by the name of Alvin has released fresh information about this eagerly awaited phone. When well-known tech expert Ice Universe shared these leaks once more, they garnered even more attention and excitement among the public for what’s to come.

The Galaxy S23 Ultra has a fantastic camera, according to PhoneArena, however occasionally the images appear a little too vivid and bright. According to Alvin’s leaks, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will resolve this issue. The goal of the new phone is to improve color and sharpness so that images appear more realistic and natural.

It’s possible that the new Galaxy S24 Ultra, like the iPhone 15 Pro, will have a titanium frame. Alvin claims that the color Titanium Grey, which it may be available in, may look even better than the iPhone 15 Pro’s comparable shade.

The phone’s appearance could be one significant change. It’s possible that the Galaxy S24 Ultra’s screen is not curved like the previous model. Despite the fact that curved screens can also be nice, this modification may make the phone easier to hold. Perhaps a flatter screen makes it simpler to hold and grip.

But fear not—according to Alvin, the Galaxy S24 Ultra will still be pleasant to hold despite this modification. This is excellent news for those who are concerned about how simple it is to use a phone.

According to some reports, the phone’s internal components may vary depending on where it is purchased. It is possible that it will use the Qualcomm Snapdragon 8 Gen 3 in the US and China, and the Exynos 2400 elsewhere. The phone’s camera may also undergo modifications, such as swapping out its extremely zoomed-in lens for one that zooms a little less but produces sharper images.

Renowned tipster Ice Universe claims that these changes could make the Galaxy S24 Ultra Samsung’s greatest phone upgrade in a long time.


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