US Political Updates : Prior to the presidential primary on February 6, Democratic candidate for president Marianne Williamson will spend three days in Las Vegas.

Williamson, a writer and prior 2020 contender for president, will meet with supporters, local authorities, and students during a series of open and closed campaign events from Thursday through Saturday.

Although Williamson is a longshot and up against incumbent President Joe Biden, who just won the New Hampshire primary, younger folks are beginning to support and traction him.

10 a.m. is when she has events. The events are scheduled for Thursday at Reynolds Brothers Co., a news conference at the Martin Luther King Jr. statue at 1344 W. Carey Ave. at 6 p.m., a town hall meeting at The Circus Center on Friday at 10 a.m., and the opening of the early voting canvass on Saturday at 10 a.m. at her 3601 W. Sahara Ave. campaign office.

Williamson has concentrated her campaign efforts on advocating for paid family leave, tuition-free higher education, the cancellation of student loan debt, and universal health care.

In a statement, Williamson’s campaign stated that it aims to “help harness the political voices of millions of people throughout this country already forming a chorus of change.” The corruption that has made the world such a hazardous place for people and the environment must end, and Americans are prepared to lead the country into a period of restoration.


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