Officials stated on Sunday that the more than 40-year-old tiny aircraft, which was carrying six people when it crashed in a rural district of Afghanistan, was not an Indian aircraft and had simply stopped at the Gaya airport on Saturday to refuel on its way from an airfield in Thailand to Moscow. 

The Dassault Falcon (DF-10) aircraft, registered in Morocco, was traveling from Utapao airport in Thailand to Moscow in the capacity of an air ambulance.

The Indian aviation ministry stated on Sunday that the aircraft in question did not belong to any Indian carrier, despite reports indicating that an Indian airliner was involved in the incident. 

This tragic aircraft crash in Afghanistan did not involve a scheduled Indian aircraft or a non-scheduled (NSOP)/charter aircraft. It’s a small aircraft registered in Morocco. At 1:07 PM, the ministry stated in a post on X, “More information is expected. 

The plane took off from the Gaya airport at 4:02 PM on Saturday after refueling, an official told PTI. The officer also mentioned that there was a female patient among the six passengers. 

According to an informed source, the aircraft took off from Thailand’s Utapao airport. 

“According to information that is currently available, the downed aircraft is a tiny, Moroccan-registered Dassault Falcon DF-10. It’s not one of the carriers’ aircraft from India. 

According to a statement from the government, “the aircraft was an air ambulance and was flying from Thailand to Moscow and did refuelling at Gaya airport.” 

The collision occurred on Saturday in a mountainous terrain close to Zebak district in the province of Badakhshan, according to a report by the news agency AP that quoted Zabihullah Amiri, the provincial spokesperson. 

Zebak is a rural, hilly region with a population of only a few thousand people, located around 250 kilometers (155 miles) northeast of Kabul, the capital of Afghanistan, the report continued. 

The report, which cited Russian civil aviation officials, claimed that the aircraft “stopped communicating and disappeared from radar screens” when it went missing, carrying two passengers in addition to four crew members. 

The story cited Abdul Wahid Rayan, a spokesman for the Taliban’s Ministry of Information and Culture, as saying that the aircraft had an engine issue. 

The aircraft, which belonged to Athletic Group LLC and a private individual, was constructed in 1978, according to the article citing Russian officials. 

According to the report, the aircraft was carrying out a charter ambulance flight from Gaya to Tashkent, Uzbekistan, and then on to Zhukovsky International Airport in Moscow.


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