The much anticipated National Opera premiere of “Mr. Kleks’ Academy” took place under a starry sky. Agnieszka Grochowska and Klaudia Halejcio made an impression on the red carpet with their deep black hairstyles. Strong red and silver accents were also present. We requested a rating of these creations from stylist Marta Wiktoria Wolniak.

The first showing of the movie “Mr. Kleksa’s Academy” happened on December 18. under Maciej Kawulski’s direction. – This day is unique. Since it wasn’t my work; rather, it was a team effort, we all worked on it for a very long time, Kawulski stated in an interview with a journalist from Because the premiere was held in the stunning National Theater interior, the event’s circumstances were special. While the stars looked stunning on the red carpet in Oscar-worthy attire, a few small mishaps occurred. Blanka Lipińska, Edyta Herbuś, Maffashion, and Agnieszka Grochowska are among the celebrities spotted. Deep black was the predominant color in most styles. Edyta Herbuś arrived at the event covered in silver after separating herself from the crowd. Turning up the festive vibe, Natalia Siwiec showed up in a dress that looked like a big bow. We asked Marta Wiktoria Wolniak, a fashion historian, celebrity stylist, and the Beem brand’s founder, to assess the stars’ attire. 

A galaxy of stars at the premiere of “Mr. Kleks’ Academy”. Grochowska decided on classic elegance

Agnieszka Grochowska wore a simple, elegant black dress with a deep neckline to the premiere. The actress opted for a tried-and-true look, saying, “She went for a classic look and appeared in a black, satin, long dress. It is a classic of the genre when it comes to the Grand Theater and the National Opera. Nice and minimalist hair. It’s definitely not an exaggerated look” (Marta Wiktoria Wolniak). Blanka Lipińska was more wild, wearing an outfit with more decorations and a better fit on the author’s figure. Generally speaking, it looked very carnival-like, so the stylist emphasized that winter outside windows is somehow justified.

Halejcio has a keen sense of fashion. Has Maffashion committed a style blunder?

Klaudia Halejcio made an appearance at the “Mr. Kleks’ Academy” premiere as well. The youthful actress succeeded with the jacket style and blended in with the prevailing fashions. – She decided on bell-bottoms and an oversized black jacket. Though the pants should be tighter and bell-shaped and the top should be larger, this is still a very stylish combo. Marta Wiktoria Wolniak commented on the interesting styling. Maffashion made an appearance on the red carpet as well, and its wardrobe selections have consistently impressed. She decided to be more laid back this time. Possibly excessively. – She went for a mood that was more like a movie. The National Opera is not really fit for this adolescent vibe; “Mr. Kleks” is more appropriate. Although I’m not sure if I would wear this styling for a theater, I think it looks great.


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