Entertainment News : In the Malayalam drama based on a true story, the characters’ friendship appears to be very genuine, and Soubin Shahir stands out for his nuance.
In his first feature film, Jaan. E-Man (2021), filmmaker Chidambaram S. Poduval skillfully crafted a poignant comedy. An important theme in the story was male bonding. In his second film, he continues to explore his love of male friendships while creating an emotionally charged, gripping survival thriller that is based on a real-life experience that some people have endured and overcame.

The lively group known as the Manjummel Boys come from a variety of socioeconomic backgrounds. They like to live life to the fullest, arrange spontaneous road vacations, pick fights over nothing, and gatecrash weddings. The majority of excursions are last-minute affairs, undertaken on a tight budget, and packed with excitement and alcohol. They also organized a car excursion to Kodaikanal in this manner. However, the vacation was not what they had anticipated, as the story abruptly shifts into a suspenseful survival thriller.

The film’s scriptwriter, Chidambaram, skillfully draws the boys, giving them unique personalities. The eldest and hence the pack’s leader is Kuttan (Soubin Shahir). You have two brothers who aren’t always on good terms, one who is the family’s only provider and has extrasensory awareness, one brother with OCD, and a couple more brothers who are just enjoyable to be around.

The dose is calibrated, and the bits showcasing their fraternity and bonhomie are appropriately packed. Thanks in part to Sushin’s subtle yet folky music, the survival drama is cleverly built up. And yet, you’re not totally ready for it when it does. When it occurs, the first reactions are almost mild and organic. However, the story abruptly changes tone as the reality sets in, and that’s when the poignant moments begin to appear.

Here, it’s mostly the emotional knots that are subtly introduced at regular intervals that work. It’s been a while since a survival thriller struck such a deep chord, and Chidambaram knows just how to squeeze the trigger with this one. It’s touching to see the boys, who had up until then only shown disrespect, suddenly defend their friend. Watch for the moment when, in their extreme agony to save their friend or to defend him, they all almost fall over the muddy water. The most moving scene in the movie is perhaps when a famous Kamal Haasan song is masterfully positioned to emphasize the value of compassion and friendship.

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