New Tech Updates : Before this, he stated, “I expected that Quest would be the better value for most people because it’s really good and it’s like seven times less expensive,” alluding to the fact that the Vision Pro costs $3,500 while Quest 3 starts at $500. “However, after using it, I believe Quest to be the better product overall, not just the better value.”
The Quest 3 was used to film Zuckerberg’s video, which features him talking to the camera while sitting on a couch. Through the cameras on the exterior of the gadget, viewers can effectively see what the person wearing the headset was viewing. One of the features Apple most actively advertised ahead of time is a capability on both smartphones dubbed “passthrough the earlier this month debut of the Vision Pro.

In the film, it is demonstrated that the wearer of the headset may see big digital screens next to Zuckerberg that seem to be floating in space. This is kind of like how the Vision Pro was marketed, albeit maybe in lower definition. To promote his own product, Zuckerberg takes several more shots at the Vision Pro.

An inquiry concerning Zuckerberg’s video was not answered by Apple.
Below are the fundamentals of every product:

 Meta Quest 3: At $500 beginning price, this white wireless headset with handheld controllers is touted by Meta as an excellent choice for immersive gaming. According to reviews, this device is more comfy and smaller than previous Meta headsets. Meta also offers the Meta Quest Pro, a more sophisticated and costly headset option.

Apple Vision Pro: A stylish headgear that looks like ski goggles and is connected via cable to a battery pack the size of an iPhone, but it is controlled by hand and eye signals instead of controls. Its user-friendly interface and 4K resolution screen have been praised by reviews, who claim it’s the best option for watching immersive movies and videos. However, at a starting price of $3,500, it is not inexpensive.

Most customers most likely won’t purchase the Vision Pro or the Quest 3 at least not right now. The restricted use cases of both mixed reality headsets, together with their size, cumbersome design, and uncomfortable feel, will probably leave all but the most ardent technology aficionados wondering how they would integrate the gadgets into their everyday routines.

However, it’s critical for Meta and Apple to be seen as the industry leader in mixed reality. Though their ideas are slightly different, mixed reality is what the two businesses view as the future of computing. While Apple appears to anticipate the device will one day enhance users’ real-world lives similarly to how the iPhone has done in the nearly two decades since its launch, Meta believes the headsets will eventually allow users to spend significant amounts of time in a still-largely-hypothetical digital world called the “metaverse.” (Though it has cost tens of billions of dollars, Meta’s metaverse has not gained much traction thus far, and the corporation has primarily moved on to talking about AI.)

Additionally, the race for headsets is only the most recent development in Meta and Apple’s continuous fight. In the past, the CEOs of the largest digital companies have sparred over issues related to app store policies and data protection, as well as news and messaging features. In 2022, Meta predicted that Apple’s decision to restrict the amount of data that Facebook and other apps could gather for targeted advertisements would cost it $10 billion. As a result, Meta had to completely restructure its core advertising business.

While Meta has stated in the past that it is “always happy when more people join us in building the future,” it is evident that Zuckerberg does not want Apple’s recent entry into the mixed reality headset industry to overshadow Meta. Meta has also been in the game for years.
Zuckerberg began by saying, “Now, look, I know that some fanboys get upset whenever anyone dares to question if Apple’s going to be the leader in a new category,” and then he criticized Apple for what is commonly known as its “walled garden” approach to product development, in which it limits the apps that users can access on its devices and makes most of its products only work with one another.

According to Zuckerberg, “every computing generation has an open and a closed model, and yeah, Apple’s closed model won in the mobile space.” “Meta will be the open model in this generation, and I genuinely want to ensure that the open model prevails once more.”
Zuckerberg did concede that the Vision Pro performs in certain areas more effectively, stating that “Apple’s eye tracking is really nice” and “Apple’s screen does have a higher resolution.” He also mentioned that Meta intended to reintroduce their previous eye tracking technology in upcoming Quest releases.
We now know the kinds of upgrades we may anticipate from the upcoming Meta Quest 4.


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