A new report suggests that the decision to end the 24-year relationship between Patriots owner Robert Kraft and coach Bill Belichick has already been made, contrary to popular belief.

stated on Monday that following New England’s Week 10 defeat to the Colts in Frankfurt, Kraft had already decided to make a change.

“It was very evident from the conversations I had that week that a decision had been made when they came out of Germany,” Curran stated. “They planned to finish the string, and there would be a breakup at the end of the year for a number of reasons.”

Curran went on to say that Belichick might be inadvertently traded to a different team as part of the separation. That would account for the choice to keep Belichick on as the coach during the season.

Before upsetting the Steelers last Thursday night, the Patriots had losses to the Giants and the Chargers since the 10-6 loss to the Colts.

“I don’t think it quells anything just because they won in Pittsburgh last week in primetime,” Curran remarked.

A single victory might not make a difference, but in theory, more victories could. Any decision can be modified before it is put into action. A turnaround might occur if the Patriots win their final four games (against the Chiefs, at the Broncos, at the Bills, and against the Jets). Even a 3-1 finish in the final stretch might encourage Kraft to maintain the partnership, which he recently mentioned on ESPN’s College GameDay without being asked to do so in order to emphasize the value of long-term employment in light of his numerous business concerns.

Nevertheless, considering the importance Kraft placed on that match, the defeat in Germany turns into a reasonable turning moment.

Before the Colts game, Kraft said to Rich Eisen, “I’ve never been 2-7 in the thirty years that I’ve had the honor of owning this team.” It’s really disappointing, and like our fan base, I had thought that things would be much better. And I’m hoping that this year can be significantly better by starting over today. We didn’t anticipate this happening this year.

As of right now, the Patriots are 3-10. Even though a 7–10 record would still indicate a failed season, finishing with a five-game winning streak could have a positive effect going into the offseason.

Finally, Belichick’s wishes become a crucial factor. Is he seeking a new beginning or does he intend to stay?

Once more, nothing is finished until it is. Upon the conclusion of the 2023 Drsdon, the decision remains subject to change. Currently, it appears that a lot would have to happen in order to keep Belichick in his current position, particularly if he believes that a change is necessary after working for almost 25 years in the same capacity.

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