Ranji Trophy 2024: In the semifinal game, Mumbai’s Shardul Thakur batted extraordinarily well. He hit a solid century in the match against Tamil Nadu.

Thakur Shardul 2024 Ranji Trophy: Shardul Thakur hasn’t played for an international team in a very long time. However, he is playing excellently in matches played at home. In the second Ranji Trophy 2023–24 semi-final, Shardul struck a century. 13 fours and 4 sixes helped him score 109 runs. Mumbai passed the 300-run threshold in the first innings based on Shardul’s innings. Prior to being a strong batsman, Shardul was a superb bowler. In 14 overs, he claimed 2 wickets.
Actually, Mumbai and Tamil Nadu are playing in the second Ranji Trophy semi-final. In this encounter, Mumbai got off to a poor start. Prithvi Shaw, the opener, was out after just five runs. Following this, Bhupen Lalwani left as well. In this way, the entire Mumbai team broke down. But Shardul assumed command. He batted at position nine. In this time, he made 109 runs off of 105 balls faced. He scored 4 sixes and 13 fours. After this outstanding inning, Shardul was removed. He was shown the route to the pavilion by Kuldeep Sen.
Additionally, Captain Ajinkya Rahane was unable to take any unique action for Mumbai. After 19 runs in 67 balls, he was out. Rahane scored two fours. A half-century was achieved by Musheer Khan. He scored 55 runs off of 131 balls faced. Six fours were hit by Musheer throughout this inning. Hardik Tamore, the wicketkeeper batsman, scored 35 runs off of 92 balls. He scored three fours.
Notably, the Tamil Nadu team was out of the game after 146 runs scored. For that, Washington Sundar scored forty-three runs. There were five fours in Sundar’s innings. Shardul bowled excellently for Mumbai during this time. In 14 overs, he conceded 48 runs while claiming 2 wickets. Four of Shardul’s overs were maiden. Trey Deshpande claimed three wickets.

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