At the New Zealand Auckland Open tournament, Ukrainian tennis player Elina Svitolina upset British player Emma Raducana in the 1/8 finals.

Sports Updates By Newsparviews : In the third game, the action on the court heated up quickly. Raducanu ultimately placed pressure on the Ukrainian on her serve after putting great emphasis on breaking through on her sixth (!) try. Disappointed, Svitolina conceded two more games with ease right away, but she soon regained control and kept fighting.

The home tennis player came back into the match and scored five consecutive points after an apparent disaster (1:5). Svitolina therefore assured herself of a tiebreak, but misfortune met her in the extra draw, as the British player converted the second set point.

The trade of breaks started right away in the second game. When the set was halfway through, Raducanu and Svitolina had scored twice on other players’ serves (3:3) and had turned their attention to their own. Once more, a tiebreaker was necessary, but this time the Ukrainian tennis player prevailed, advancing the match to a final set.

Feeling very strong, Svitolina easily defeated her opponent. After conceding two breaks to Raducan, she took a 5:0 lead and quietly ended the match in her favor. The Ukrainian and the Czech Maria Bouzkova will face off in the following round on January 5.

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