Political Updates : Rahul Gandhi, the leader of the Congress, came under fire from Prime Minister Narendra Modi on Saturday, claiming that the Wayanad MP will have to find a new safe seat in Kerala following the Lok Sabha elections.

After the first round of the Lok Sabha elections, Modi spoke with reporters about a variety of topics, such as accusations made against federal agencies, the BJP’s emphasis on southern states, and the attitude of the nation during election season. Congressman Yuvraj escaped to the south, to Wayanad, where he sought safety. Congress is going to announce another seat (for Rahul) following the Wayanad polls. In an interview that was published on the same day that he spoke at two public gatherings in Bengaluru and Chikkaballapura, the prime minister said, “Mark my words.”

During the 2019 Lok Sabha elections, Rahul ran in the Wayanad seat in Kerala and the Amethi seat in Uttar Pradesh. He lost the election to current Union Minister Smriti Irani in Amethi, which was formerly thought to be a Congress stronghold. Although the Congress has said that Gandhi will run from Wayanad this year, the party has not yet decided on an Amethi candidate.

Similar comments about Rahul were made by PM Modi, who was speaking at an election rally in Nanded, Maharashtra, adding, “The Congress’ sahabzade sees a problem in Wayanad.” “He (Rahul) is waiting for the voting on April 26. After that, he and his gang will search for a safe seat because he will also have to leave Wayanad after Amethi,” the speaker stated. Will anyone vote for such people and then waste their vote? Instead, they’ll cast their votes for “Viksit Bharat,” or developed India. Congress has hindered the advancement of women, farmers, and the impoverished.Can’t believe the party will advance the interests of the nation,” he remarked.

These statements were made on Saturday, the same day that the District Congress Committee general secretary of the Congress party in Wayanad announced his resignation and joined the BJP, dealing a blow to the party. Speaking to the media following his conversion to the saffron party, P M Sudhakaran claimed that Rahul Gandhi, the current Congress MP and nominee for the Wayanad Lok Sabha seat, was unapproachable even to the party’s district leaders. “Consider the circumstances of the average man if he is unreachable for me. It was five years for him. Wayanad’s development possibilities will be destroyed if we provide another term, according to Sudhakaran.

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