Latest War Updates : Third Assault Brigade soldiers displayed footage from Avdiivka. Defenders observe that compared to Bakhmut, there is more combat in this direction.

RBC-Ukraine reported this on Telegram, citing Maxim Zhorin, the deputy commander of the Third Separate Assault Brigade.
“We couldn’t have imagined the conditions in which our Third Assault is conducting combat missions. The conflict involves a vast array of adversaries originating from all directions, in addition to superior opponent forces, the author stated.
The Third Assault’s anti-tank crews are depicted in the released footage following the conflict.

The deputy commander stressed, “The battles in Avdievka are many times more hellish than the hottest battles of this phase of the war, which were in Bakhmut.”

Fighting in the Avdeevka area

Avdeevka is called the “gate to Donetsk”; Russian invaders have been trying to capture the city since 2023’s autumn. The Russians lost tens of thousands of soldiers in the fighting for Avdiivka, as the Ukrainian military observes.
At this point, the invaders have reached Avdeevka’s periphery. The Coca-Cola facility is nevertheless another line of defense.
The situation in Avdiivka is getting closer to being serious, according to the Ukrainian Armed Forces. The Third Assault Brigade’s press office formally declared today that they had been redeployed to the Avdiivka region in order to bolster Ukrainian defenses.

Read the RBC-Ukraine article to learn more about the possible course of the fights for the city and whether Avdeevka will ever be surrounded.
View critical and urgent messages on the RBC-Ukraine Telegram channel on Russia’s aggression against Ukraine.


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