News updates by Newsparviews : On January 4, actor Christian Oliver, who starred in films such as Speed Racer, and his two daughters perished in an aircraft accident. The collision happened close to Petit Nevis Island, a private island in the eastern Caribbean that is close to Bequia. Police in St. Vincent and the Grenadines said the plane was flying toward St. Lucia.

In addition to the 51-year-old actor, Madita Klepser, age 10, and Annik Klepser, age 12, also perished in the collision. Authorities claim that pilot Robert Sachs perished in the collision as well. But according to authorities, the crash’s cause was not immediately apparent. Christian Klepser was another name for the actor.

While the St. Vincent and Grenadines Coast Guard was en route to the scene, local divers and fishermen raced to the crash site to provide assistance. The police were quoted by the AP as stating, “We are extremely grateful for the fishermen’s and divers’ courageous and selfless actions.”


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