Following an argument on Tuesday night, the two were attacked at Fairmont and Holt Avenue in the northwest section of Fresno.

Gangster Goldy Brar Alive: It is untrue that the Canadian-born criminal was shot and killed in the United States. The Fresno police department in California confirmed this on Wednesday, refuting rumors that Goldy Brar was one of the two people attacked during a shooting incident.

Lieutenant William J. Dooley responded to a question by email with, “If you are inquiring because of the online chatter claiming that the shooting victim is ‘Goldy Brar,’ we can confirm that this is absolutely not true.”

Misinformation spreading on social media and online news outlets has resulted in requests from all around the world this morning. The origin of this rumor is unknown, but it quickly gained traction and spread like wildfire. Again, though, that is untrue. Without a doubt, Goldy is not the victim, according to Lieutenant William Dooley.

The two attackers haven’t been named by the police yet, though. After receiving medical attention, one of the victims passed away in a hospital, while the other was allowed to leave.

Following a quarrel on Tuesday night, the two were attacked at Fairmont and Holt Avenue in the northwest section of Fresno, according to an earlier statement from the police.

The younger individual, estimated to be in his 30s, sustained an upper body gunshot wound. He was brought to the hospital in a serious state, where he eventually passed away. After receiving treatment, the second man—who had been struck in the lower body—was allowed to leave the hospital.

The Fresno shooting event quickly became “news” in India, with the Dalla-Lakbhir Gang allegedly shooting gangster Goldy Brar to death. The story was based on information from US media, although the facts were either incorrect or ambiguous.

According to one account, the victim was shot outside the California Fairmont Hotel. According to some sources, competing gang leaders even took credit for the murder.


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