World Updates : Volodymyr and Elena Zelenskiy’s love affair started in one of the future president’s classes at Kryvyi Rih gymnasiums. When Olena Kiyashko arrived at this school in the seventh grade, Volodymyr took a quick liking to her. He pondered for a while on how to make her feel better. However, the first lady claims she cannot recall their initial meeting.

When they were both 17 years old, shortly after they graduated from high school, a flame of love began to kindle between them. There are multiple accounts of how their romance got started. According to Oleksandr Pikalov, he assisted Zelensky in winning Elena over. Pikalov claimed that he devised a clever scheme in which he ought to have asked Elena for the videotape, which Volodymyr would have given back.

The president himself has an alternative narrative. He claimed that he encountered Elena by chance while walking down the street. The “Basic Instinct” cassette she was carrying as she approached him served as the impetus for their further conversation. To watch a movie on a cassette, Volodymyr asked the girl for one.

Slava Dyomin stated on his YouTube channel that while Zelensky never had communication issues with ladies, things are different when it comes to his future wife. Zelensky found it challenging at first, but soon he recognized he had fallen deeply in love. Although Volodymyr pursued her, the girl was seeing another man, so she wasn’t really interested in a romantic engagement with him.

But Volodymyr caught Olena’s eye with his wit and sense of humor, as she remembers. The first lady claims that although they did not get along at first, she quickly saw that they were simply having fun together and were staring in the same direction.

After that, everything changed for the better. The eight years that they met were spent apart. Volodymyr felt that marriage necessitates having children quickly, and Olena did not place any pressure on him. During their movie night at the theater, he made the decision to pop the question. Zelenskyi then thought he was prepared to begin a family.

Yet Pikalov gave a different account. He claims that during that time, invitations to tours, including ones to Kiev, started coming their way for the KVK team. The selected comedians declared that they would not be allowed to leave without a wedding because they were afraid that they would give in to the capital’s temptations. As a result, Pikalov claimed that the squad had three weddings in a single month.

Oleksandr, Volodymyr’s daughter, was born in 2006 after Volodymyr and Olena were married. Kyrylo, a son, joined the family nine years later. They are an exemplary family.

The pair has spent nearly three decades together. Together, they endure the ups and downs of life, even a full-scale invasion. While it is true that the spouses are currently unable to cohabitate, they have faith that the war will soon come to an end and allow all families to be back together.


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