Crime News Updates : The CEO of Bengaluru-based artificial intelligence startup The Mindful AI Lab, Suchana Seth, was detained on Monday while bringing her four-year-old son’s body in a bag close to Chitradurga, Karnataka. According to Goa DGP Jaspal Singh, she was charged with killing her four-year-old kid in Goa, she told India Today.

The Goa Police claim that the mother killed her son in a hotel room in Candolim, North Goa, because she didn’t want her ex-husband to see the child. 2019 saw the birth of the couple’s son, who they married in 2010.

In 2020, however, a disagreement led to the couple’s divorce. On Sundays, the father was allowed to see their son, as per the court’s order. When the woman checked with her son but left alone, hotel workers got suspicious, and that’s how the incident came to light.

Soon after, the hotel staff notified the local police, and a cab driver verified that the woman was, in fact, traveling alone. The child’s body was then found, and the woman was taken into custody by the police.

Here’s what we know about the Bengaluru CEO arrested for killing her son:

1. Suchana Seth is a data scientist and AI ethics expert with over 12 years of expertise. She was detained by the Goa Police on suspicion of killing her four-year-old kid.

2. According to her LinkedIn page, she has expertise scaling machine learning solutions at startups and corporate research laboratories, as well as coaching data science teams.

3. In 2020, she established The Mindful AI Lab, an AI-focused startup with a focus on AI ethics and practical experience in the development, implementation, and expansion of machine learning systems.

4. She was also listed with Patricia Shaw, Rachel Kuo, Rachel Thomas, Serife Wong, Susan Levy, Renee Cummings, Saara Hyvonen, and Suzanne Kite on the 100 Brilliant Women in AI Ethics List 2021.

5. In addition, Seth has had research fellowships at the Raman Research Institute, the Berkman Klein Center at Harvard University, and Data & Society as a Mozilla Fellow.

6. She researched methods for operationalizing moral AI and machine learning in the business at Berkman and Data & Society.

7. Fairness, accountability, and transparency in machine learning; ethical AI monetization; security flaws in AI and machine learning systems; and the legal environment surrounding predictive algorithms were among her interests as a Data & Society Fellow at Berkman.

8. She also possesses four US patents related to text mining, natural language processing, artificial language, and machine learning.

9. Suchana Seth has also instructed workshops on data science for groups like Women Who Code.

10. She used mechanics to solve polymer physics difficulties while working as a research fellow at the Raman Institute.


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