This year is election year, and Russia is up next. The massive European nation will cast its ballots beginning on Friday, March 15, and ending on Sunday, March 17, with the results to be announced the following day.

But in Russia’s situation, the outcome is predetermined. Vladimir Putin is almost guaranteed to win his fifth election as president of Russia. Putin will thus have ruled Russia and the Soviet Union for 30 years, longer than any other Russian or Soviet leader since Tsar Peter the Great, who passed away in 1721. Putin has remained in office since 2000, whether as president or prime minister.

However, why is the 71-year-old leader assured of victory and a further six years in office?

Putin and the polls

After war veterans and other supporters begged him to run for reelection at a Kremlin award event in December 2023, Putin put an end to the speculation and declared his candidacy. Putin had then declared, “I will run for president of the Russian Federation. I won’t hide it from you. I had various thoughts about it over time, but now, you’re right, it’s necessary to make a decision.”

He’s going to run for office for the fifth time with this announcement. He had won presidential elections in 2000, 2004; 2012; and 2018. He was unable to run for president a third time in a row in 2008, which is when he was appointed prime minister during Dmitry Medvedev’s administration.

Then, he changed the constitution once again so that he could serve at least two more six-year terms. Thus, he can continue to hold office until 2036, when he will be eighty-three years old.


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