When questioned about the purported plot to kill US lawyer and Sikh separatist Gurpatwant Singh Pannun, Prime Minister Narendra Modi stated that the government is “ready to look into it” if an Indian citizen “has done anything good or bad.” The Financial Times of the UK raised this question.

An attempt to kill Pannun is being looked into by the US. In a comprehensive 15-page indictment, federal prosecutors named Indian national Nikhil Gupta as the main defendant for employing a “hitman.” An Indian government official was also named in the indictment as the plot’s mastermind.

In what is arguably his first admission of the case, Modi added that it will not negatively affect India-US relations. On November 29, 20 days ago, the indictment became public knowledge.

“We would definitely look into any information that someone gives us,” Modi remarked. “We are prepared to investigate any actions, good or bad, that one of our citizens may have taken. We are dedicated to upholding the law.

But Prime Minister Modi also declared that India was “deeply concerned about certain extremist groups’ activities that are based overseas.” He continued, “These elements have engaged in intimidation and incited violence under the guise of freedom of expression.”

“I don’t believe it is appropriate to link a few incidents with the two countries’ diplomatic relations,” he stated.

In the meantime, Pannu has stated that he continues to receive hundreds of threats every day. Joe Biden’s decision to skip the Republic Day events in India has added to worries about relations possibly becoming icy. Strong bipartisan support for fortifying this relationship is evident, as Modi told FT, and it is a sign of a mature and stable partnership.A crucial element of our collaboration has been our cooperation in security and counterterrorism.

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