Lohri celebration: The traditional Lohri harvest festival in northern India is expected to be decorated with colorful celebrations and the glow of cozy bonfires. Predominantly celebrated in Punjab and nearby regions, Lohri marks the joyous opening of the winter agricultural harvest season and embraces the approach of longer days ahead.

The sacred bonfire, which is typically constructed in public areas like courtyards or town squares, is the focal point of the festivities. Families congregate around the dancing flames, presenting food and prayers to Agni, the fire goddess. Nuts, popcorn, and slices of sugarcane are examples of sweet offerings that represent prosperity and thankfulness for the land’s abundance.

The roaring fire also acts as a stage for exuberant communal spirit. Vibrant folk tunes like “Dhol” and traditional dances like “Bhangra” and “Gidda” permeate the air, fostering a joyful and cohesive mood. Beyond immediate families, towns and neighbors join together to celebrate the warmth of the fire and the prospect of a bountiful harvest season.

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