The initial list of candidates for the SP includes the names of sixteen people, including Akhilesh Yadav’s wife Dimple.

Political Updates : Samajwadi Party (SP) has begun deciding on the names of its candidates in Uttar Pradesh even before the official announcement of seat distribution in India, the alliance of opposition parties for the Lok Sabha elections.

Who is included in SP’s list?

The Samajwadi Party unveiled its initial slate of candidates for the Lok Sabha elections on Tuesday. The first list contains the names of sixteen candidates, including Akhilesh Yadav’s wife Dimple.

Three Yadav family members are named in the SP’s initial list: Firozabad-born Akshay Yadav, the son of party principal general secretary Ram Gopal Yadav, and Badaun-born Dharmendra Yadav, Akhilesh’s cousin.

Currently, SP is represented in the Lok Sabha by three MPs: Mainpuri’s Dimple Yadav, Sambhal’s Shafiqur Rahman Work, and Moradabad’s ST Hasan.

The list made public today does not include ST Hasan’s name. The names of the party are as follows: Avadhesh Prasad from Faizabad, Bhojpuri star Kajal Nishad from Gorakhpur, and Ravidas Mehrotra from the capital city of Lucknow.

Seat distribution among constituent parties of India not confirmed

However, there hasn’t been a formal announcement regarding seat sharing among India Alliance’s constituent parties in Uttar Pradesh yet. Akhilesh Yadav, the head of the SP, tweeted two days earlier about awarding the Congress 11 seats. A few days prior to this, the chief of the SP had declared that Rashtriya Lok Dal will receive seven Lok Sabha seats.

None of the seats on the list, which was made public on Tuesday, had any potential conflicts with Congress or the RLD. According to leaders of the Samajwadi Party of India, the India coalition might deliver 11 seats to the Congress, 7 seats to the RLD, and 1 seat each to Chandrashekhar Ravan’s Azad Samaj Party and Apna Dal Kamerawadi.

Lalji Verma of Ambedkar Nagar, Ram Prasad Chaudhary of Basti, Annu Tandon of Unnao, Rajaram Pal of Akbarpur, Shivshankar Patel of Banda, Naval Kishore Shakya of Farrukhabad, Anand Bhadauria of Dhaurahra, and Utkarsh Verma of Kheri and Etah are among the 16 candidates of the SP. There’s Devendra Shakya too.


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