Latest Tech Updates : Samsung unveiled the Galaxy Ring, the company’s first smart ring, at MWC 2024 in Barcelona, Spain, following its tease during the Galaxy Unpacked 2024 event. Despite being off-limits to visitors, this Samsung wearable device showed off a lot of its functions.
According to information provided to CNBC, the Samsung Galaxy Ring would monitor the user’s heart rate, breathing rate, amount of movement while they sleep, and how long it takes them to fall asleep after going to bed. A “vitality score” that “collects data about physical and mental readiness to see how productive you can be” will be displayed on the ring. The Samsung Health app will provide the user access to all of this data.

According to the source, Samsung plans to include contactless payment capabilities into the Galaxy Ring. It may even go on sale in the United States this year. The precise schedule and cost, though, are still unknown.
Furthermore, an executive from the firm said CNBC that the company intends to incorporate blood pressure sensing technology and noninvasive glucose monitoring into its wearable devices. To monitor their blood glucose levels, people currently puncture their skin with a needle.

Three color options—Ceramic Black, Platinum Silver, and Gold—are anticipated for the smart ring. It will be able to track users’ movement, respiration, sleep cycles, heart rates, and other health-related parameters.

According to a statement from Samsung Electronics’ Hon Pak, leader of the digital health team, “Our own customers told us, I want choice.” I would like to be able to measure health with wearables in other ways. Additionally, some people like to wear both the watch and the ring in order to benefit from both. Some people only desire greater simplicity.

Samsung is anticipated to incorporate artificial intelligence (AI) into its wearable technology. This will enable the app to provide the user with more detailed health insights. Imagine a huge language model serving as your digital assistant and looking at your medical records, physiological data, mobile device usage, and wearables all at the same time. Pak said that this would start to offer more customisation options and deeper insights.

“There will be a digital assistant coach in the future because we believe that is absolutely necessary,” he continued. He made a suggestion that Bixby in conjunction with big language models may be revolutionary.


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