National Science Day 2024: February 28 is set aside for this unique day, which honors Indian scientist CV Raman’s discovery of the Raman Effect.

National Science Day 2024: Science plays a vital role in the lives of all people on the planet. We may use science and its applications in our daily lives even when we are unaware of it. Recognizing how science and its applications have improved our lives and made things simpler for us is crucial. Every year, National Science Day is commemorated to honor scientists who try to find new and innovative methods to apply science to improve and simplify human lives, as well as to increase awareness of the value of science in our daily lives.

Here are some things to remember as we prepare to celebrate National Science Day.


The day Indian physicist Chandrasekhara Venkata Raman discovered the Raman Effect is celebrated as National Science Day. The phenomenon known as the Raman Effect occurs when light passes through a transparent substance and is scattered, changing its energy and wavelength. On February 28, 1928, CV Raman made the discovery of the Raman Effect. In 1930, he was also awarded the Nobel Prize in Physics in recognition of his outstanding contributions to the discipline. Every year on February 28, National Science Day is commemorated to honor the discovery.


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