Last week, the Gemini picture creation program drew criticism for its insulting and embarrassing outcomes.

Google CEO : Sundar Pichai has promised to address the problems with the company’s Gemini AI service in response to growing criticism. Pichai declared the app’s concerning comments about race to be unacceptable and promised significant structural adjustments to address the issue after uproar broke out over the app’s alarming responses.
Last week, the Gemini picture creation program drew criticism for its insulting and embarrassing outcomes. Examples included the tool’s inability to represent white people and its addition of images of women or people of color when asked to create pictures of Vikings, Nazis, and Popes, among other historical figures.

When it was discovered that Gemini was producing dubious text responses, such as comparing Elon Musk’s social influence to that of Adolf Hitler, the situation became even more explosive.
The criticism escalated, especially from right quarters, where Google was accused of anti-white prejudice.
In response to these occurrences, Pichai admitted to his errors, writing, “To be clear, that’s completely unacceptable and we got it wrong,” in an internal message that was made public by Semafor.

Pichai gave stakeholders the reassurance that significant progress had been made in addressing the problems, as evidenced by the numerous prompts that showed improvement. He said that AI technology is not flawless, especially at this early stage, but he also reaffirmed Google’s commitment to upholding high standards and making a complete correction.

Google has backed up Pichai’s remarks, which outline a number of steps the company will take to address the problem. To guarantee bias-free AI replies, these precautions include rigorous reviews, revised product guidelines, improved launch procedures, structural modifications, and technical improvements.

Pichai emphasized Google’s unwavering commitment to its aim of giving consumers useful, accurate, and unbiased information in spite of the setbacks. He emphasized how critical it is to preserve consumer confidence in all Google products, including the newest AI innovations.
Google plans to use the incident as a teaching tool going forward and take advantage of recent developments in AI, including breakthroughs in underlying models and open model projects. Pichai expressed faith in Google’s capacity to overcome the difficulties and carry on producing goods that people can trust.


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