The majority of UFC fans are aware of Colby Covington, the main eventer for UFC 296 and his large mouth. In the UFC, “Chaos” has the most fitting moniker given that his remarks have the potential to cause havoc in most circumstances. But one of his press conferences prior to UFC 296 revealed a different side of him. Supporters might recall how severely Covington mocked Kamaru Usman in the lead-up to their two bouts. However, it was made clear at the most recent pre-UFC 296 press conference that the two were no longer at odds.

The fans paid close attention to the pre-fight press conferences for the UFC 245 and UFC 268 bouts starring Usman and Covington. When Covington took jabs and fired even at Usman’s family, he went too far. Additionally, “The Nigerian Nightmare” insulted “Chaos” with a number of derogatory terms. This is the reason Covington found it unbelievable that Usman thought highly of him prior to their UFC 296 match.


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