After undergoing lung cancer surgery earlier this month, comedian, voice actor, and musician Kate Micucci said she is making progress toward her recuperation.

The popular television personality Micucci (of “The Big Bang Theory,” “Ducktales,” and “Steven Universe”) claimed in a last-week “sick tok” video that her doctors detected her lung cancer early and removed the affected cells. Micucci said she thought her diagnosis was “pretty weird,” even with the good news.

It was unexpected for her to smoke a cigarette, as she had never done before. “But I suppose it also occurs.”

According to the American Cancer Society, smoking history is not a prerequisite for a lung cancer diagnosis. According to the American Cancer Society, lung cancer can strike nonsmokers due to “exposure to radon, secondhand smoke, air pollution, or other factors.” Exposure to other chemicals, diesel exhaust, and asbestos can also result in lung cancer.

The comedian additionally uploaded a picture and a video from her hospital stay. In a video that was shot after her announcement, Micucci shows off the “pretty nice” artwork on the hospital walls while strolling around in a medical gown and holding her IV pole. Micucci poses on her hospital bed with a small box of cereal, a banana, and her food in a photo that ends up on her TikTok.

The 43-year-old comedian began her career in the early 2000s, making guest appearances in TV shows such as “Four Kings,” “Malcolm in the Middle,” and “Cory in the House,” a Disney Channel series. The actor is half of the irreverent, Emmy-nominated musical duo Garfunkel and Oates. She is also well-known for her wide eyes and distinctive short bob. The group known as “Loophole” also includes comedian Riki Lindhome.

Big Bang Theory and Raising Hope were two of Micucci’s television roles. In addition, she has provided the voice of numerous animated projects. Her most recent voice acting credits are in the miniseries “Doc McStuffins: The Doc and Bella Are In!”, the children’s adventure series “Nature Cat,” and the Disney Channel’s latest adaptation of “Ducktales.”

Micucci released “My Hat,” a quirky folk album consisting of 14 tracks, earlier this month. Last week, Micucci assured her fans in a video, “I’m all good.”

“It’s been a bit of a trip,” she went on. For a few weeks, I’ll probably move slowly before picking up where I left off. I can’t wait to paint more; I anticipate painting soon.


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